One day last summer

This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity of attending the Olympic Games and also the Paralympics. The disabled facilities were spot on and there was a very friendly atmosphere around the Olympic park. The “Game Makers” certainly did make the whole experience enjoyable and stress free. Everywhere was totally accessible, even the “Orbit”, from the top of which I got a spectacular view over the Olympic park and across London.

At the main Olympics I watched the ladies diving in the aquatic center and the GB men’s hockey team in the Riverside arena. Unfortunately they lost but the atmosphere was still electric. At the Paralympics I actually got to see the athletics in the Olympic stadium itself and “wow” what a buzz

there was about the place. I had gone prepared with my flags and spent the whole day waving and cheering at the top of my voice. It was certainly a day to remember, a real once in a life time occasion and I will always be able to say “I was there!”

It felt like the whole country got behind our paralympians and I truly hope it has altered people’s perceptions of disabilities as a whole in some small way. I know even as a disabled person myself that I felt truly inspired by what the athletes were able to achieve, their determination and commitment proved to be second to none. It has left me with something to reflect upon when I’m feeling at a low ebb – that something positive can always be achieved as long as the will is there!

I may not be able to work on big canvasses or hold my paint brush steady anymore but I “will” carry on painting and creating for as long as it gives me and those around me pleasure. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of stepping back and seeing a finished painting and thinking to oneself “Yes, I like that”.

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