Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival takes place every August. It’s thought to be the largest annual cultural festival in the world. It was started in 1947. The original and “official” festival consists of classical and contemporary theatre, opera, music, dance, visual arts, talks and workshops. This year it’s running from 9th August to 1st September.

It is one of those events that has me wanting to sit all day just to “people watch”. I was lucky enough to be in Edinburgh when the festival was on last year and I was fascinated by it all, the colours, sounds, hustle and bustle but most of all by the people.

I’ve included some of those people in my latest painting. It’s my representation of the Princes Street area and I’ve crammed in as many of the characters as I could and for that reason I chose a long narrow canvas.
The painting took me a lot longer than I had thought it would because of all the detail and I’ve now kind of lost heart with it. I’m saying that it’s finished but unless it’s moved out of my way I can see myself continuing to mess. It would seem that it is destined to become a “labour of love”.

32”x12” Acrylic on canvass. Edinburgh festival



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