“Caught Napping”

Caught Napping - 20" x 26" Acrylic on Canvas

Caught Napping – 20″ x 26″ Acrylic on Canvas

While on holiday in Rome recently I took rather a lot of very scenic photographs. As you can imagine in a place like Rome, around virtually every corner there was something to catch the eye.

However one of my favourite photographs was that of a Janitor who was having “forty winks” in the foyer of an art college. The foyer was very large and completely empty bar this chap sleeping on a chair. The light through the leaded, ornate window was just so perfect that I had to capture it and him with the intention of painting him when I got home.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this painting as I knew I would and I think it shows in the final image. I have to say I feel it’s one of my best paintings so far but I could be biased as for me it’s just the perfect subject.






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