Amy Winehouse

I was always a fan of Amy Winehouse. When I heard of her tragic death I immediately felt compelled to paint a portrait of her. She was so individual and sassy looking that there were loads of images on the internet to choose from. This particular one jumped out at me. It is so typically Amy with the bouffant hair and tattoos.

Like all of my paintings I started by sketching an outline in pencil and then started to build the painting up with thin watery layers of acrylic paint. When I start a painting I really like to get stuck in. They do take over my life and I will spend a whole day doing little else. That is one of the reasons I use acrylic paints, because they dry quickly allowing me to keep building up the painting without having to wait days between layers.

It took me four days to complete the painting. I am a ”tweaker” so I would have spent another couple of days looking and tweaking. Even now I could tweak some more but I’m resisting for fear of going that little bit too far. I must say I am really pleased with how it turned out and I can’t imagine ever wanting to part with it.

Amy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy Winehouse



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